God of Redemption 

On Friday I posted that Good Friday is not just a historical remembrance of a brutal execution, but a current statement of the presence of the Suffering God.

Today is Easter and the same analogy can be made.

In this morning’s prayers from the Divine Office the following words are offered: “may the whole world know and see that what was cast down is raised up, what had become old is made new, and all things are restored to integrity through Christ, just as by him they came into being.”

Today, Christians around the world greet each other with refrains of “He is Risen” and celebrate the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus. But like Good Friday, Easter’s fullest meaning is not only in the singular event but also of the present reality.

Easter happens when the cast down are raised up. Yesterday I performed a memorial service for a man named Rick who battled the spirits in his head, but left his family with a legacy of strength and has now been raised up and restored.

Easter happens when the old is made new. This summer a former drive thru liquor store will be transformed in to a fresh market that will bring people together around healthy food. A place that once fed addictions will now bring abundant life.

Easter happens when all things are restored. While my job description centers on leading a healthy eating and living program, my greatest joy comes in watching people be restored: restored among community, restored with God, and restored within themselves. When a person is restored within their own heart, soul, and mind, Easter happens.

Easter happens when we are the ones who not only witness these resurrection moments, but participate in God’s work of redemption, and when we experience it we proclaim that all are Risen.


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