You never know

Every week up to 200 families come through our Fresh Market. While we aspire to be a place where people touch grace, it can be  easy to get caught up in the buzyness of the day and to treat people as nothing more than a customer.

Today I was powerfully reminded of the impact we have on people’s lives.

I attended the funeral of a man named Charlie Tuggle. Charlie was a fixture in our market, who always brought a big smile and a corny joke. He was the kind of person you were grateful for when he walked in the door.

He was last in the market on February 14. His health seemed good. But he got pneumonia and quickly passed.

At his service, the role of the market was mentioned twice. Charlie’s daughter jokingly asked if anyone needed some cabbage. But she went on to talk about how important cooking and sharing were to her dad. No one could leave his house without taking something with them.

In the eulogy, the minister mentioned the market again. Again, it centered around sharing. He said that Charlie shared what he received with his neighbors. So much so, that there were potatoes for everybody.

The cycle of grace is an amazing thing. I went to a funeral hoping to offer a word of comfort. Instead,  I left blessed and reminded of the impact we have on others.


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