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For the last year and a half I have been blogging about ways that I have seen people live in to the gift of abundant health (see John 10:10). Just this morning, at our Reeb Avenue Center Health and Wellness class, a woman shared how she has lost more than 30 pounds since our group began meeting in September 2015. This is not just a matter of pounds lost, I have seen people transformed as they live healthier lives–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Reeb Avenue Health and Wellness Class

This type of ministry is filled with great opportunity. So many churches ask themselves how they can connect with their neighbors. At the same time, so many people are yearning to have healthier families. What if the church was to reclaim its place in society of being a center of health? What if when people looked at our sanctuaries they saw a place where they could develop wholeness?

In the United Methodist Church, every church has this opportunity. Global Ministries is inviting 10,000 churches to join a movement to provide “an opportunity for congregations to open their doors and invite their communities in by sharing a message of healing and hope through health prevention, treatment, education and communication”

This challenge does not mean a further drain on limited time or resources, but can be as simple as hosting a community based program or embodying healthy practices. Churches are not being asked to change the world, but to explore what it might look like to engage their community around a single area of physical activity, healthy diet and nutrition, tobacco and drug-free living, or mental health education and promotion.

What is one thing your church could do to help the people inside and outside your walls find the gift of abundant health? From my experience, there is no greater feeling than walking with someone as they live in to all who God created them to be.

For more information on how you can be a part of this movement, click on 10,000 Church Challenge. If there is any way I can help your church in this journey, contact me.

As you watch the health of your community transform, you will also be transformed.





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