Missionary Moment

Missionary Moment: Courtesy of the West Ohio Conference Mission & Justice Newsletter

Greg Henneman is a United Methodist Missionary serving as a Church and Community Worker at Church for All People on the South Side of Columbus, OH.

What does it feel like to be fully alive? How do you function when you are physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy?

Pastor Greg Henneman’s passion for ministry comes in sharing the gift of abundant life with all people, particularly with people who have often been neglected by the church. In New Mexico, not only did Greg receive ordination as an elder, but he fell in love with the homeless community. This ministry changed him and led him to dedicate his life to “ministry with the poor” as a Church and Community Worker missionary with Global Ministries.

On January 1, 2015, Greg began to live into this second calling as the director of the Healthy Eating and Living (HEAL) program at the Church for All People on Columbus’ South Side. The HEAL program is working to transform the health of people and place through the operation of a fresh food market that distributed nearly 600,000 pounds of free produce in 2015. In order to empower people, this program provides hundreds of hours of health education and hosts weekly cooking classes. Peer-to-peer coaching accompanies people to live into their own health goals, and a wide range of exercise programs get people moving and active.

This programming is helping change the community. As a result of these efforts, hundreds of people eat healthier and exercise more than before; many people have reduced the use of medications and lived into their own potential. One example is a woman named Tonya who came to the program after a diagnosis of liver cancer. She felt empowered by the content of classes, videos shown, and literature given out. Not only did she begin to eat healthier, but she gradually built her exercise routine to the point that she now exercises every day. Tonya has lost 15 pounds and now lives a healthy lifestyle. She attributes this to the generosity of the programming and says that what we do “makes a marked difference for the lives of our community.”

Experiencing a full life is not only a matter of living healthy within oneself, but in sharing that gift with others.

Pastor Greg experiences a full life as an avid runner, musicophile, worship junkie, voracious reader, and especially as a husband to Jennifer, who is a missionary herself, and father to Noah and Nathan. You can follow Pastor Greg’s missionary journey through his blog, Looked with Compassion.

To support Greg in his work at CD4AP, donate to his ministry fund through The Advance.

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