It is all grace

This week I have been visiting churches across New Mexico. The intention of the trip is to share with others the work we are doing and invite them to support our ministry. Throughout this trip Ihave found that I have been the one learning and receiving more than the person teaching and equipping.

In Albuquerque I was struck by the devotion of a Bible study class.

In Ruidoso I was inspired by a  community who hosts their neighbors for a weekly meal.

In Alamogordo I shared a moment with dear friends.

In Cloudcroft I ate with the people who formed me in to the person I am. 

In Las Cruces I received the hospitality of a person who spent her birthday providing for me.

At the Norbertine Abbey I worshiped with the community, ate with the brothers, and rested in the hermitage. 

Today, I led a workshop with the New Mexico Conference of Churches. Twenty people from different faith comminties shared opportunities to welcome the stranger. Three of those 20 were people who had experienced homelessness and deep poverty, but now live stable lives and serve in leadership positions around the city. 

I went right from leading the workshop to performing a wedding for the son of one of my best friends. I have known Paul since he was ten and today I married him to his true love. 

It is humbling and overwhelming to receive gift after gift, grace upon grace. The love of God leaves me in awe. Thank all of you for showering me in love.


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