Hangry 5K

Team CD4AP moves to end hunger.

America is a land of abundance. We have natural resources, rich farmland, high technology, and hard-working people. A short drive anywhere in the Midwest will place you in the middle of cornfields; and, across Texas ranches fill the landscape. We have so much food, that almost 40 percent of the food grown and produced is never eaten, but ends up in landfills.

At the same time, an astonishingly high number of people are hungry. Across the United States, almost 15 percent of people are food insecure–which means that over 48 million people don’t have adequate access to food. In Franklin County, Ohio, that percentage is even higher. Over 17 percent of people in the same county that is booming economically are food insecure. For children in Franklin County, the number is over 20 percent.

Starting to end hunger.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about all of this, is that we accept food insecurity as normal. We have become desensitized to the disparity of kids arriving at school hungry, in the same place where so much food is wasted.

Today, that complacency was countered with righteous anger.

Approximately 150 people gathered at a cold and windy Highbanks Metro Park to take a stand against hunger. We ran up steep hills, navigated stairs, and overcame our own discomfort so others might have the basic dignity of having food on their table. Over $3,000 was raised to help Heart to Heart and Community Development for All People overcome hunger. This money will go a long way.  Last year we provided almost 600,000 pounds of free produce to our community and are equipping people through health education, cooking classes, and health coaching.

Liv and Bianca overcome the cold to help others overcome
Christina takes home a third place finish.

We don’t have to accept the ways things are as normal. In a land of abundance, no one should go hungry. We can end food insecurity and today we took a step in that direction. Join us in giving your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness to end hunger.



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