Drowning in abundance

Last week I listened to a podcast in which the Old Testament scholar Walter Bruegemann was asked what one story he would share with his grandkids. He said he would start with the story of manna and go on to the loaves and fishes. He excitedly exclaimed that he would tell his grandchildren, “Don’t let anyone tell you that God is a God of scarcity, God is a God of abundance!”

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, Community Development for All People operates under the principle of the divine economy of God’s abundance. We believe that when you are connected to God’s work in the world that God will provide.

This week has been a stark example of abundance. So much so, that I feel as if I have been drowning in a sea of abundance.  

 The week began on Monday with a woman who survived the Rwanda genocide offering to provide free diabetes classes.

The following morning, a dozen unexpected volunteers showed up to unload the 10,000 pound produce truck, including a man walking down the sidewalk and asking, “you all want some help with that?”

Later that day, our partners from Sprouting Spoons led a cooking class.

On Wednesday, a group of Ohio State University students planned stress reduction classes for the Reeb Avenue Center and another person came in and volunteered to do some data entry.

Yesterday, our realtor volunteered to become a health coach and the Fitness Loft pledged to get involved across several areas of our programming.

Today a physical therapist offered her services for our community, while Jerome United Methodist Church brought pots full of homemade soup. We expected to be short-handed in serving the soup, but had more than enough help.

All the while, we planned for major new initiatives that could have game-changing impacts on our community.

It has been one of those week’s where I feel like I’ve been drinking from a fire hydrant of grace. I’ve never seen anything like this.


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