Hunger no more

There are many injustices of our culture that we tolerate as normal. We assume that the way things are is how they have always been and how they will always be. Although the human spirit continually shows potential for amazing things, we limit our creativity when we simply accept poverty as normal.

Yesterday, nearly 200 people came together to no longer accept situation normal. Leaders of faith communities, non-profits, and medical systems raised their hands in a commitment to end hunger in Ohio.

Yes, end hunger. 

Why not?

David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World, shared the story of recently visiting Bangladesh. He had previously lived in Bangladesh and saw a noticeable improvement in the homes people lived in, streets, infrastructure, and health of the children. Beckmann stated that since 1990 the number of people in the world living in extreme poverty fell from two billion to one billion.

This led me to wonder, if noticeable change can happen in Bangladesh, why not here?

Ambassador Tony Hall shared the story of Mother Teresa grabbing his hand and showing him that with his five fingers he could remember five words: for the least of these. Hall described hunger as a political issue. That the effort to end hunger is not a matter of finding the resources but the will to end hunger.

With 48 million food insecure people in the United States, Hall asked shouldn’t this be one of the most important issues? What are you doing about hunger?

Ending hunger is not a matter of food supply. We have plenty of food. Nearly 40 percent of the food in America is wasted. 

Hunger is a health issue.

Hunger not only results in billions of dollars of medical costs, but real people and whole communities who experience diabetes, hypertension, and low birth weights because of our lack of creativity to end hunger.

Will you raise your hand to end hunger in our country, your state, your community? In 2015, no one needs to go hungry. Hunger is a basic human right. 

Next time your hand brings a piece of food to your mouth, remember the words of Mother Teresa, “for the least of these.” 

How are your hands being used so no one else’s hands shake with hunger?


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