Watching God Provide

I have been at Community Development for All People for almost a year now and I am still adjusting to living in the reality of God’s abundance. Almost everyday provides an example of God doing unexplainably amazing things.

On Thursday we began a new offering of a Cooking Matters class. This class not only teaches people about nutrition and cooking techniques, but at the end of each class participants take home a bag of groceries so they can prepare the meal they learned to make for their families.

Because of the limited bags of food we can give out, the class is capped at 15 people. However, I knew from previous experience that in order to get 15 I would have to overbook the class. By the day of the first class I had 50 people signed up. But when I called those 50, I only received confirmation from about 12 or 13, and many of those left me less than confident.

An hour before the class, I had no idea who was going to show up. Ten minutes before the class, I was getting nervous. Only six people were in a room setup for 15. Even the instructors asked, “is anyone else coming?”

Suddenly, people arrived, and I don’t know from where. Of the 50 on my list, only seven showed up. However, nine more people appeared who had never signed up. I don’t know where they came from. We squeezed 16 people in to a class designed for 15. Once again, my nervousness was for naught as God abundantly provided.IMG_5773

Not only was the class full, but included rich diversity: two self-confessed country brothers who have lived on a diet of meat and potatoes, an Asian woman who returned the food stamps she was given out of frustration and wants to learn how to make American food, African-American women who lobbied to have a class on how to make lasagna. Like so much of our programming we not only had more than enough people but an incredible diversity ranging from experienced cooks to people who that day learned how to cut an onion for the first time.

God provided, more than I could have imagined.

The following day, I was doing some grant work over lunch at the new Reeb Avenue Center. As I was working, I saw a familiar family walk in. This family of a grandmother, mother, and young child who have been attending the Monday health and nutrition classes I have been leading. Actually, these classes have really turned in to small group coaching, as the group has quickly become cohesive.

However, the family had not come to see me, but walked directly over to the other side of the room where Jane Grote Abell, the Chairman of the Board of Donatos Pizza was having lunch. The family embraced Jane and their young child gave her the gift of a candle. In this embrace, I saw a picture of what we hoped to achieve in the creation of Reeb–a place where people of different socioeconomic backgrounds would come together and build relationships. In the embrace and gift from a low income family to one of the most well-known women in Columbus, Ohio, I saw a glimpse of realizing this dream.

God provided, more than I could have imagined.


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