A taste of Quality 

“This is quality. This is what this neighborhood needs, quality.” These were the words of a diner at the South Side Roots Cafe who took his first bite of lunch. A man who grew up in the community tasted the potential of what can happen.

Too often, communities settle for something less than quality. Abandoned buildings become accepted as part of the landscape. Violence becomes a norm for the “inner city”. Disparate health outcomes can be mapped in every major city across the United States. 

In contrast to this too often assumed way of life, Community Development for All People seeks to bring quality to people’s lives at the Reeb Avenue Center. Quality of life can be measured by health and vibrancy, work that will be achieved through the Reeb Health Zone. Quality of life begins with having safe, affordable places to live, work that will be achieved through the Housing Hub located in the same cafe where the community member tasted quality.  


Reeb’a first health and ninutrition class
Quality of life comes by living in relationship and community. At Reeb, our hope for people is not only that they will eat a good meal, learn about health and nutrition, or get connected with decent housing, but that at Reeb people develop community. Reeb will live in to its full potential when it becomes a “third place” where people of diverse backgrounds learn each other’s names, stories, and call one another friend. 

Come and be a part of this amazing work. Join us for lunch from 11am-3pm. Meet our neighbors at a community meal on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm. Invite someone to join in our programming. Listen to someone’s story and share your own. Bring the most quality gift you have, yourself, and create community. 


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