Make mine extra spicy

If variety is the spice of life, my tongue is burning with flavor.

Every week I get to do the most amazing things. It is hard to imagine a job where you get to engage with so many different people and do so many different things. This week I:

  • Made a peanut butter sandwich out of rocks during a children’s sermon
  • Met with the Faith Coalition for the Common Good as we worked toward bringing justice in to people’s lives
  • Shared 7,500 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables with 192 families
  • Taught 15 nutrition classes and heard how this program changed people’s lives
  • Walked the halls of an abandoned elementary school that will soon transform the neighborhood as an apartment building
  • Invited the parents of Freedom School children to join in our Healthy Eating and Living programming
  • Helped someone apply for a job and handed him his first resume
  • Hosted a meeting of community members and heard their deeply emotional health history and concerns
  • Led worship with our Free Store community and spoke of God and the church wanting health for people
  • And then, if all of this wasn’t enough, the week ended with Mary Hamilton singing as people shared in the “Soup for the Soul” Friday meal:

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