A Hopeful Sound

Many times, proclaiming the word of God feels like a single voice speaking amongst the noise of a large crowd. Words of mercy and compassion can easily be drowned out in a hyper-connected, digital age of fear and noise. Today, the sound of God’s work literally echoed across Columbus’ Southern Gateway. 

Nine speakers stood behind a podium and spoke to the significance of the grand opening of Parsons Village. The 56-unit senior housing complex embodies CD4APs vision of providing safe, affordable, and dignified housing. Fresh Market manager and Parsons Village resident Kay Perry shared that this was the first time in her life she had anything new and that the center is “luxury living that anyone can afford”. 

Kay Perry speaking in front of her new home

A once vacant and abandoned lot now hosted a community cornerstone of renaissance.

Franklin County Commissioner Paula Brooks presents a certificate to Aaron Pechora of the NRP Group and Rev John Edgar, CD4AP
As the voices spoke to the hope of the moment, sounds of construction competed for attention. Diesel trucks pushed through narrow streets on their way to the Reeb Avenue Center, due to open later this summer. The beeping sound of backing constructing equipment bounced off the brick walls of the newly opened Maloney Health Center. A new pool opened this week, a library is coming soon.

An entire community is being rebuilt. Not only rebuilt with bricks and mortar, but rebuilt through collaborative relationships that honor a neighborhood’s proud legacy and provide a hopeful future. 

Today, hope was not a gentle whisper buried beneath a sea of noise. Instead, hope rang louder than any speech or construction equipment. Hope was proclaimed and everyone could hear it.


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