First Fruits

One of the strongest indicators of health is access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Access is something that most people take for granted. Without giving it a thought, we walk in to a grocery store with an abundance of choices and select the most visually appealing produce. However, in many communities, there aren’t many grocery stores. Those stores that do operate in poorer communities offer a different mix of products than the same stores in wealthy neighborhoods (more sugar-laden processed foods and fewer whole foods).

In order to bring more whole food to the South Side of Columbus, Community Development for All People owns two community gardens. Today, the first harvest from the South Side Settlement Garden arrived.

Jacob brought us seven pounds of lettuce and radishes from the garden, through his work with the organization “Sprouting Spoons”. Sprouting Spoons own mission is “growing the community through the catalyst of food.” With this desire to connect with their neighbors, and shared values with Community Development for All People, a partnership has formed that benefits the entire neighborhood. Jacob shared the story of neighborhood kids who showed interest in their gardening and want to participate in the growing of food themselves.

Food access is often be categorized as a limitation on a community. In these relationships, a limitation has turned in to an opportunity:IMG_20150522_114310_630

we own a garden…

that is worked by people in the community…

…and the food from that garden feeds people in the community.

Today, the lettuce and radishes Jacob brought will be given to South Side residents in our Fresh Market.

On the last page of the Bible there is the description of a tree of life, “the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” Today, as a community feeds a community, I saw a glimpse of the kingdom of God. The leaves of something as common as garden lettuce have brought a bit of healing to Columbus’ South Side.


2 thoughts on “First Fruits

  1. I Love to read what you’re doing! God certainly found a perfect fit for you, didn’t He? No surprise there!


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