Holy Laughter

God has an ironic sense of humor.

Yesterday, our missionary training concluded with a blessing service. The service was presided over by Bishop McAlilly and included the participation of multiple boards and agencies of the United Methodist Churxh. We spent the morning with Thomas Kemper, the executive director of Global Ministries. It was a big day as we were sent out as missionaries.

Over the three weeks of training, I tried to offer a light-hearted spirit. On one of our first days of training I rapped Run DMCs “Sucker MCs”. On one of our last days, Cathy Whitlach, our training director laughingly countered one of my jokes with “I’m cutting you off”.

However, it would be Cathy who laughed last.

 At the blessing service, it was Cathy who washed my feet. As she washed my feet she thanked me for my humor and encouraged me to never stop laughing. 

As she said these words, a flutist began to play the hymn “Here I Am, Lord.” In 2005, when I first received my call to ministry, l walked back in to the conference center and we sang, “Here I Am, Lord.” At my ordination service, “Here I Am, Lord.” At my last Sunday at Central, “Here I Am, Lord.”

As the flutist hit the opening notes, the irony of the moment struck me. I broke out in laughter and Cathy joined me. While others had their feet washed with solemnity and even tears, Cathy and I laughed with a holy laughter. 


God truly has a sense of humor.


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