Paint without numbers

Today I began and ended my day by watching two masterpieces being painted.

The stretched canvas was the kingdom of God.

The colorful pallets were the people of two very different communities.

The brushes were held by pastors who may not have spent any time inside a sanctuary today.

This morning I visited St Paul’s Lutheran Church on the north end of Nashville. A church that only worships 16 people in the traditional Sunday morning service engages hundreds of people every week. Boxes of food are given to hungry families, women are engaged in classes from parenting to Bible study, and a community of people come together to make this happen. The likeness of participants is literally painted on a storage building outside the church, but the image of God is reflected in the energy of a community serving, caring, and loving one other.


This evening I ate dinner with the homeless community of Open Table Nashville on the south end of Nashville. As I saw earlier in the day, much more happened than sharing baked potatoes and chili. A woman with swollen feet had her feet washed and nails clipped. Young adults helped homeless men order birth certificates. A man who had fresh stitches was healed with compassion. A pastor who has no plans to serve under a large steeple painted another masterpiece of the kingdom of God.


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