food matters

Everyone eats.   

There are few things in life that all people do. But despite differences in culture, class, and community–everyone eats.

While we all share experiences around tables, those experiences vary greatly.


Today, we began hosting a six week program called Cooking Matters. Like all other CD4AP programs, the participants varied widely. Some people came looking for basic cooking skills, others sought to recover flavors once tasted in a time before processed foods, a father came looking for health after the birth of his son, a son shared his story of abandoning his work on an accounting degree to care for his parent.

As people filled plates with the food of their own creation, some shared stories of working as prison cooks. They recalled the impossible task of trying to meet the guards expectations without having the power to tell others what to do. 

In that moment, I realized people have had all kinds of experiences around food that I have never had. I don’t know anything about real hunger. I’ve never lived on a diet of fast food. I’ve never stood in a prison chow line.

But I do know that food matters.

I know that we are who we eat with.

I know the bread of life and will never be the same.



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