Onion Hands

The smell of onions radiates from my fingers and it is glorious.IMG_4238

There are few things in life that give me more joy than feeding people.

I love preparing a meal for my family. I love the entire process of imagining what I will make, picking out the freshest produce and best ingredients, cutting and preparing the meal, cooking and serving.

But the most satisfying part of feeding people is enjoying the look on their faces. The moment when the people you love are enjoying what you have created is magical. In those moments, I don’t even care if I am eating, because I am feasting on the joy of feeding others.

Every week, I get to engage in this kind of joy.

My onion-tinged fingers exude the sweet smell of having fed people and watching the joy on their faces.

 Around food, family, community, and joy are created. People walk into the market knowing they are going to receive something that they can use to design that moment of joy for their own families. We give them the ingredients of potatoes and onions and corn that are the building blocks of creating the sacred space of a shared table. 

Maya Angelou writes that one should “pursue the things you love doing.” There is nothing I love doing more than feeding people. Today I saw the joy of being fed come across the faces of 101 different people who walked through the market doors.

I have the best job in the world.


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