Numbers game

It is easy to get caught up in numbers.

I can tell you all about numbers: how many pounds of produce we received today, what percent of our annual budget we have spent year to date, the average cost per meal of our daily lunch program, and many more. My head is filled with numbers.

Numbers are important. They are indicators and measuring sticks. But they do not tell the whole story.

Today I received a check from one of our community partners, CareSource. The number on the check is important, it pays salaries and utilities and infrastructure that allowed us to give produce to 20,569 people in 2014. (there I go with the numbers again).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tony Jones is more than a person who delivers a check, he is a partner with whom we work together to transform the health of Columbus’ South Side.

Today, I heard the stories of hopes and dreams of many people because of relationships that are greater than numbers. People told me today how they want to find peace, want to share their gifts, and look for a bit of hope.

This is the real business that we are in. I get to be a part of helping to bring a bit of peace, gifts, and hope in to peoples lives. The numbers allow this work to happen, but only tell a fraction of the story.


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