During this season of Lent, I have been participating in a Rethink Church devotional, http://rethinkchurch.org/2015lent

Each day, a word of focus is given and people are invited to submit pictures where they see the word in action.

Today’s word is stop. The devotional asked, “What injustices against God’s people, and creation would cause you to say, “Stop! Enough!”?

I didn’t have to look very far to find what I want to stop. On my desk sits a report from the City of Columbus that gives the following analysis of the area of our church, “Deaths from all causes are about 50% higher in the South Side than in Franklin County overall, the rate of death from respiratory disease is 73% higher than Franklin County, heart disease is 55% higher, and homicide and births to teens are more than twice the Franklin County rate.” After that summary, the following chart outlines the leading causes of death on the South Side:

From "Roadmap to Revitalization" City of Columbus, May 2014
From “Roadmap to Revitalization” City of Columbus, May 2014



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